Dunkin Donuts Location Gains Approval

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

A new Dunkin Donuts to be built at the intersection of Dysinger and Beattie roads will soon provide competition for a nearby Tim Hortons.

Bevilacqua Development’s plan to construct the free-standing doughnut shop was unanimously approved Wednesday by the Town of Lockport Planning Board.

The 2,000 square-foot building will be erected on a 2.1-acre parcel of land, set off from Town Square Plaza, also owned by Bevilacqua.

Lois Stern, a Bevilacqua representative, said the building will be constructed as soon as possible. She added that it will take about two weeks to put up the building’s shell. The interior work “will be up to the tenant.”

Wednesday’s meeting was the third time Stern went before the planing board. She was joined Wednesday by Chris Wood of the engineering firm Carmina-Wood-Morris.

Wood’s designs showed that all concerns brought up by planning board members at previous meetings had been satisfied.

Plans call for a new right-in, right-out only entrance and exit to be installed on Dysinger, closer to the intersection than an existing entrance, which will be eliminated. An existing entrance/exit into the plaza off Beattie will be maintained.

Two safety features were added: a wood guide rail will be installed along a retention basin and an additional light pole near the Beattie-Dysinger intersection.

A planning board member said the additional light will be welcomed, noting one of the current Town Square tenants had observed that the existing plaza entrances are dark.

Dunkin Donuts location gains approval from both the town and Niagara County planning boards, the developer only has to wait for approval from the New York state Department of Transportation on a newly designed entrance and exit on Dysinger. The DOT has already indicated verbal approval for the new entrance and exit.

DOT approval is the only hurdle remaining before construction may begin.

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